About Pooja’s rose tinted glasses – My story


ian-schneider-39678I am just a girl like all the ones out there with a love for all things genuine and lovely!

Writing, reading, painting, watching television, listening to music are what capture my interest!

My journey towards actually writing online started right after I completed my Master’s degree in Biotechnology. During my long and gruelling job search, I turned to creative writing for online websites. This really channelled my creativity and helped me learn quite a lot about writing. Writing quite a number of blogs on different topics is what inspired me to start my own blog.

Being happy has always been fascinating to me as happiness is something that is very personal. A happy state of mind need not depend on anyone else, it is you yourself who can influence it.

Starting this blog has motivated me to stay true to my journey towards happy & to keep posting updates as well as share a bit of my happy state of mind with you! Who knows, my posts may bring a smile to your face too! Wish me luck on my blogging journey!

Lots of love & happiness to you & welcome to Pooja’s rose tinted glasses! 🌟

I am so glad that you chose to say yes to happiness and to my blog! 😊Grab a cup of coffee & get set to read content on successful living & happiness here at Life – Rose-Tinted!

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– Pooja S. Varde 🌈