Time for bigger changes!

Hello everyone! Hope you all are having a lovely day! 🙂 This post is going to be just a tiny one announcing a time for bigger changes on my blog! I am sure that the issue regarding going the self hosted way or not is such a dilemma for every blogger out here. There are … Continue reading Time for bigger changes!


Excited! Blog updates!

Hello everyone! Hope that you are having a good week! 🙂 This post is about the few changes that I made to my blog here. This beautiful image here is to show off my excitement (Yay!) 🙂 I was a bit skeptical about writing a blog post for this reason but it only made me feel … Continue reading Excited! Blog updates!

Happy Independence Day India!

Hello everyone! Today is a day of great importance for all the Indians! It is India's Independence day! Happy Independence Day to all the Indians out here! 🙂 Our country has officially spent 70 glorious years of being free. According to the Oxford dictionary, the word Freedom means; freedom (of something) the right to do or … Continue reading Happy Independence Day India!

An account of how rain has made my days brighter!

Hello everyone, These past couple of days I have been enjoying the rain! Mumbai is being blessed with heavy rainfall and a handful of those who enjoy the rain love it here. 😊 It seems like the earth wishes to cleanse itself of all accumulated dust and cool off after a hard hot summer! Getting … Continue reading An account of how rain has made my days brighter!

The ‘One Lovely Blog Award’! 

Hello everybody! I love to write. There is something magical about this relaxing process through which one can pen down what one feels.  This is precisely why it feels amazing to be liked for doing what you love most! Rishabh has nominated me for the 'One Lovely Blog Award'. This award has really cheered me up! Thanks … Continue reading The ‘One Lovely Blog Award’! 

Celebrating a book lover’s happiness!

Hello everybody! Just sharing some brief events of yesterday here today! Yesterday was definitely one lovely day out here in Mumbai - especially one worth sharing details about! Monsoons have officially started here. It has been really beautiful to see sunlight filtering through the window one second only to be replaced by gray clouds in … Continue reading Celebrating a book lover’s happiness!

3 things you should do more often!

"Life is better when you are happy!" Hello! Hope you guys are having an amazing week! Although I am writing a post on things you should do more often, I am going to talk a bit about the picture above. I simply liked the kid in the picture on seeing him! His colourful dress is … Continue reading 3 things you should do more often!