Excited! Blog updates!

Hello everyone! Hope that you are having a good week! 🙂 This post is about the few changes that I made to my blog here. This beautiful image here is to show off my excitement (Yay!) 🙂 I was a bit skeptical about writing a blog post for this reason but it only made me feel … Continue reading Excited! Blog updates!


3 pearls of wisdom – For when things seem to be going wrong.

Hello everyone! If you have ever experienced moments when things just didn't seem to be going right for you, let me remind you all that you aren't alone. Each day of our lives revolve around so many activities and tasks. Life is all about finding the balance among all these daily activities and achieving health … Continue reading 3 pearls of wisdom – For when things seem to be going wrong.

Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Ode to the Moon/Pooja S. Varde

Hello everybody!

Hope you are having a positive sunday! 😊

I had participated on a writing prompt challenge by brave and reckless and had earlier posted the winning entry for the same. This was the first time I had taken part in one! So I am sharing my entry with you here!

Thank you brave and reckless for posting it!

Brave & Reckless

As the moon ate the dark,
light filtered in through my window.

It reached out to my thoughts dark
and shone on my fear and sorrow.

As the moon ate the dark,
it filled my soul with light.

It filled me with belief and hope for another day as bright!

All my disturbing thoughts failed bother me anymore,
as I watched the brilliance of the moon entering through my window.

As the moon ate the dark, I saw that I was not the only one awake,
Through lit windows, the moon introduced me to others who seemed to go through the same.

As the moon ate the dark,
I felt a light glow.
The light filled my heart with happiness and hope.

And suddenly as the moon ate the dark by slowly illuminating the world of the night,
I realised that the moon ate the dark…

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1st Place in the Moon Ate the Dark Challenge: Linda Lee Lyberg/Polaroid

Hello everyone!

I had taken part in an awesome writing prompt challenge by brave and reckless a while ago! The prompt was – Moon ate the dark! Read more on this challenge here.

Re-blogging the winning entry here below by Linda Lee Lyberg. This is truly well deserved! 

Will re-blog my entry as well. Enjoy reading! 😊

Brave & Reckless

Kudos to Linda Lee Lyberg for her winning Moon Ate the Dark submission, Polaroid!

I have been completely blown away by the amount of quality writing that was submitted and the amount of love the readers at Brave and Reckless have shown the writers.  It is my honor to feature these amazing voices.

I am keeping my eyes out for a prompt for the next writing challenge.  Feel free to contact me with your prompt ideas.

Easing myself out of bed, I dress with the moon as my sole source of light. Spectral shadows in the deepest corners of the room condemn me for what I am about to do. He tosses and turns as if he knows, but settles once again. I halt, listening for signs he’s sleeping.

Tonight is an evening bright as day for the moon ate the dark when it rose in majestic splendor. Banishing the…

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Here’s why you should practice gratitude now!

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5 ways to beat the Monday blues!

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Reflecting over reflections? Read on to know more!

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